Donald Trump L.A. Fundraiser Guests ... Disgusted By Food In Bathroom!!!


Donald Trump's Beverly Hills fundraiser guests -- at least some of them -- say they are totally grossed out by the fact appetizers from the function were left sitting out by a toilet.

TMZ broke the story .... hors d'oeuvres from Trump's campaign fundraiser at The Montage this week ended up in a small bathroom, stashed between the john and a bathtub. Yuck!!!

Guests who attended the fundraiser tell TMZ ... it's disgusting the swanky hotel would store food in a bathroom, especially considering the fact some of those in attendance plunked down six figures to dine with the President.

What's not clear ... what was food doing in the bathroom? You see some appetizer trays that appear to have already been passed around, so the leftovers could have simply been stored in the bathroom. But check out the food warmer. You see the light on, which means the oven is on, and you see trays of untouched empanadas and other hors d'oeuvres. We have repeatedly called the hotel for days, trying to find out if this was the staging area. So far, no response.


The guests say they would've never expected this kind of behavior from the Montage, and they're left wondering if hotel employees did this on purpose as a middle finger to Trump?!?

You don't need to be a health inspector to know it's dangerous to expose food to the bacteria present in bathrooms ... but the guests tell us they are even more freaked out because it's a dangerous time in the world with the spread of coronavirus!!!

But, laughter is the best medicine, and the guests are trying to laugh this off ... jokingly telling us, this might explain why the appetizers during cocktail hour tasted like liberals. Sick burn!

This one's actually funny though ... one guest says the restroom meatballs still aren't as nasty as this infamous image of one guest's plate filled with meat and fish ... now forever known as "meatfish."

Anyone else just lose their appetite right now?!?

Pop Smoke Will be Taken Back to Brooklyn ... Family to Hold Private Gathering


Pop Smoke's loved ones will be gathering this weekend to remember him, say some prayers and grieve together ... TMZ has learned.

Sources close to the rapper's family tell us ... they are taking care of some final formal business, but will be transporting his body back to New York soon.

We're told a private event for family and close friends only is scheduled for Sunday at a church in his hometown of Brooklyn. It's a prayer and grief service, but not his final memorial service or burial ... that will be held at a later date.

We broke the story ... Pop Smoke's family is reeling after his tragic death, and desperately seeking answers. They've been heavily involved in the investigation process and we're told they'll continue to be as much as possible back in NYC.

Along with dealing with law enforcement, our sources say the family's also been handling a lot of the rapper's music business with his label and his lawyers in L.A. ... but they're ready to get out of California and bring their son home.

As you know ... Pop Smoke was shot and killed Wednesday morning in what initially appeared to be a home invasion in the Hollywood Hills. However, we've learned surveillance video suggests his murder was a target hit and not a robbery gone wrong.

So far, no suspects have been arrested.

Darren Sproles I'm A Hall of Famer ... 'I Feel Like I Am'


Darren Sproles says he deserves a bronze bust in Canton someday ... straight-up telling TMZ Sports he's a Hall of Famer.

"I feel like I am," Sproles says. "But it's not for me to choose."

FYI ... Sproles' ex-teammate and All-Pro OL Brandon Brooks couldn't have agreed more with the former Eagles RB while the two were out in LA this week, saying, "Bro, there is no doubt."

Sproles has a solid case ... the 36-year-old played in the NFL for 14 years and is considered one the best utility backs that's ever touched the gridiron.

The 5-foot-6, 190-pound NFLer rushed for 3,552 yards in his career, added 4,840 more receiving yards and piled up more than 10,000 punt and kick return yards as well.

It's unclear if he'll ever get in -- the Hall doesn't have too many util guys in it -- but Darren is eligible for the honor starting in 2025, having retired after this past season.

As for what he'll do in the meantime ... Sproles says he's trying to coach, telling us, "I just want to help build a football team."

Thomas Markle Royals Be Damned ... I'll Keep Cashing In on Meghan!!!

MEGA/Getty Composite

Meghan Markle's father doesn't give a royal crap about what people think of him continuing to make money off his relationship with her ... or lack thereof.

Thomas Markle tells TMZ ... a recent quote from his interview with Britain's Channel 5 -- for which he was paid -- got a bit misconstrued, but he's not backing down from the crux of what he said.

If you missed it ... Thomas said Meghan and Prince Harry "owe" him for what he's been through, and he should be "rewarded" for it. He added ... "My daughter told me when I reach my senior years, she'll take care of me. I'm in my senior years now ... so it's time to look after daddy."

Thomas tells us he didn't mean the Duke and Duchess of Sussex should be sending him cash -- that's clearly not happening because they don't communicate at all -- what he meant was ... he's going to keep cashing in on his story, and his royal connection.

Markle says he plans to continue booking paid interviews and public appearances -- just like Meghan and Harry do -- but the good news for him ... he doesn't need permission from the Queen.

The gist of it, according to Thomas -- he feels he got dragged into this situation, and if he's going to be without his daughter because of it ... he needs to do whatever is necessary to look out for himself financially.

That's what he claims Meghan's doing by stepping down from senior royal duties to come to North America ... a move he called "ridiculous" in his Channel 5 interview.

Yeah ... he's probably right about her not taking care of him in his old age.

NFL's DeVante Parker Drops $100k to Rep Alma Mater ... With Diamond Chain!!!

Imagn Composite

Miami Dolphins star DeVante Parker is a Cardinal for LIFE ... don't believe it?? Just check out his insane new Louisville-inspired diamond chain!!

TMZ Sports has learned ... the 27-year-old wanted to go all out on a tribute for his alma mater, the University of Louisville, so he hit up Gabriel the Jeweler to make an iced-out pendant of his school's logo!!

We're told the piece is decked out in emerald-cut diamonds on the border, diamonds to make the Cardinal in the middle, and a pink diamond for the eye!!

In total, we're told there are 60 carats of diamonds.


Of course, Parker was an absolute beast at U of L -- he was first-team all-AAC in 2013 and second-team in 2014 ... before going on to get picked 14th overall in the 2015 draft.

FYI -- Gabriel is the go-to jeweler for some of the biggest names in the NFL -- from Odell Beckham to Jarvis Landry to Antonio Brown.

We know you're wondering -- we're told Parker dropped around $100k for the piece ... and he LOVES it!!

Johnny Gargano NXT's Better Than Raw & SmackDown ... 'Best Wrestling Show On Planet!!!'


WWE star Johnny Gargano says you are flat out "STUPID" if you think NXT is inferior to Raw and SmackDown ... telling TMZ Sports it's the best wrestling show in the world!!!

We talked to Gargano -- one of NXT's biggest stars -- earlier this week ... and JG had a message for all the people who sleep on his brand.

"That's BS. That's complete garbage, and it's something that me and a lot of guys have worked to dispel for a very long time," Gargano told us.

"Anybody out there that uses the words 'main roster' when talking about Raw and SmackDown, how about you watch the show on Wednesday night. You'll see the real main roster. You'll see the best wrestling show on the planet. You will see the best locker room on the planet led by me."

NXT was launched 10 years ago, and started out as a place for WWE to develop talent. However, NXT now has a TV deal, and a bunch of their wrestlers have become massive stars.

In fact, during last weeks NXT Takeover: Portland -- a big PPV event -- Gargano betrayed his friend and tag team partner, Tommaso Ciampa ... and cost him the title.

It was big news in the pro wrestling world.

In closing, Gargano has a message for anyone who thinks NXT ain't every bit as good as WWE's other brands.

"'Main roster,' 'developmental,' you're stupid if you use those words. You're stupid! Quit it!"

Stars and Scars You Be the Judge

TMZ/Getty Composite

Kobe and Gigi Bryant's memorial at Staples Center Monday promises to be one of the most moving events in a long, long time, and another young rapper lost to gun violence. So we gotta ask ...

Kobe's Memorial ...

Pop Smoke Was The Victim Of ...

Jeff Bezos Donating $10B To Fight Climate Change ...

Trump Ripping 'Parasite' ...

Pit Bull Attacks Actress Heather Elizabeth Parkhurst ...

Michael Bloomberg For Prez ...

If Harvey Weinstein Jury Is Hung ...

More Attractive Dem Ticket ...

Let Pete Rose In Hall Of Fame ...

Celebrity Scramble Guess Who!

Hidden within this stretched out snap is an award-winning actress that has quite the resume! This famous face has racked up a number of awards over the years ... She received her first Oscar last year for her supporting role in, "If Beale Street Could Talk", she has also won a Golden Globe and three Primetime Emmy Awards.

Recently this actress was the star in HBO's sci-fi mini-series that ended back in December, "Watchmen."

If you are up for a challenge, use the clues here to see if you can figure out which star has been hiding in this warped photo!

Tyson Fury Licks Deontay Wilder ... Beats Him Too!

Breaking News

Tyson Fury ... YOU NASTY!!!

The boxing star not only beat up Deontay Wilder in their heavyweight clash Saturday night -- he LICKED THE BLOOD off Wilder's neck during the fight!!

31-year-old Fury had dominated from the start -- teeing off on the Bronze Bomber (and likely busting his eardrum in the process) in their highly anticipated rematch.

Wilder was dripping blood all over the place -- and during the 6th round, Fury flicked out his tongue and began licking the blood off of Wilder's bloody neck!!!!

It was super gross -- and Fury loved it.

Wilder's corner ultimately threw in the towel in Round 7 -- it was clear Deontay just didn't have it Saturday night.

After the fight, Fury's crazy antics continued ... he grabbed the mic and sang Don McLean's "American Pie" while encouraging the Vegas crowd to sing along! The place went nuts!

Fury praised Wilder as a great fighter and said he thinks Deontay will be champion again -- but for now, Tyson reminded everyone why he's the "Gypsy King."

Still, the tongue thing was super gross ... your highness.

Daredevil 'Mad' Mike Hughes Dead at 64 ... Fatal Rocket Crash Landing

Exclusive Details
Jessica Shuster

3:59 PM PT -- We've confirmed ... 'Mad' Mike Hughes has, in fact, died.

'Mad' Mike Hughes is believed to possibly be dead after launching himself in the air with a self-made rocket that crash-landed -- and it was captured on camera.

The well-known daredevil and amateur rocket-engineer was doing a rocket launch Saturday in what appears to be near Barstow, CA -- where a reporter says Mike propelled himself into the air with a "self-made steam-powered rocket" and then crash-landed into the ground.


The reporter, Justin Chapman, adds, "Very likely did not survive." He tells TMZ ... Mike is confirmed to be dead there on the ground as well.

In the video, you see a parachute fly out of the rocket, but it doesn't appear anyone is using it. The presumption, for now, is that Mike might've stayed in the rocket as it ascended hundreds of feet into the air.

Mike's rep, Darren Shuster, tells TMZ he was NOT at the launch Saturday, but does believe his longtime client to be deceased based on what he's seen and heard. Darren says Mike was a "one-of-a-kind" adding, "When God made Mike he broke the mold. The man was the real deal and lived to push the edge. He wouldn’t have gone out any other way! RIP"

For Saturday's experiments, Mike is said to have been attempting to get as close to space from Earth as possible -- otherwise known as the Karman line, about 62 miles above Earth's surface -- without the use of advanced tech you might find at NASA or SpaceX.

Much more tragic, Mike seemed pretty stoked for the launch this weekend. He posted a video describing his rocket, where it would go down and what he was aiming to achieve. BTW, he was a big flat-earth believer -- and a doc was even made about him trying to prove it.

We've reached out to the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Dept. for comment ... so far, no word back. However, we were told by a dispatcher at the Victor Valley Sheriff's Station that a call for service had been placed Saturday out of Barstow -- the nature of which is unclear.

Mike was 64. RIP

Originally Published -- 3:50 PM PT

Quentin Tarantino Welcomes First Child w/ Daniella ... It's a Boy!!!


Quentin Tarantino just became a dad for the first time at age 56 -- because his wife, Daniella Pick, has finally given birth ... TMZ has confirmed.

A rep for the acclaimed director tells us ... "Daniella and Quentin Tarantino are happy to announce the birth of their first child. A baby boy born February 22, 2020."

According to reports, the child was actually born in Tel-Aviv, and thus ... he's half Israeli by birthright. Daniella -- a singer and model -- is from Israel, so it looks like they went back to the homeland for the delivery.

This would be Quentin's first kid -- same for Daniella actually, who's 20 years his junior. They got hitched in 2018 after first reportedly meeting in 2009 during production of 'Inglourious Basterds.' They first announced they were expecting back in August of 2019.


Hilary Duff Confronts Pap Snapping Her Kids ... He Says It's Legal


Hilary Duff got in the face of a photographer whom she felt was invading her privacy by snapping pics of her kids during a soccer game -- but he didn't back down on video.

The 'Lizzie McGuire' actress posted the confrontation on Instagram Saturday, showing her walk up to a guy on the sideline of her one of her kids' soccer game and ask him who he's there with ... and what exactly he's doing taking pictures of the children.

It's pretty tense ... the man says he's not there with anyone but himself, and HD demands to know why -- if he isn't with anyone or isn't affiliated with anyone on the team -- he's out there taking pictures of 7-year-olds. His smug answer ... 'cause it's legal, lady.

The implication here is that this dude may be a paparazzi photog, and was only out to snap pics of Hilary and her children ... something she's dealt with before in similar fashion.


Something Hilary might wanna take into account the next time she encounters one of these photog hounds trying to get photos of her and/or her kids ... it actually ain't legal like the man claimed -- at least according to California law, where this appears to have happened.

In 2013, Gov. Brown signed SB 606 into law, which made the photographing of minors because of a parent's "employment" (AKA celebs) illegal if it falls into the area of harassment, annoyance, alarm, or torment without legitimate purpose ... punishable by up to a year in jail.

Hard to say if this particular incident meets the criteria spelled out in the California law, but ya gotta imagine Hilary might wanna have that little factoid in her back pocket for next time.

Meghan Trainor Father, Gary, Struck by Vehicle In Stable Condition


4:26 PM PT -- Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... the motorist who struck Meghan Trainor's dad, Gary, did not flee the scene -- they stuck around and talked to cops afterward. We're told she explained to police that Gary was wearing very dark clothes and that she couldn't see him before it was too late.

Our sources say no crime was committed here -- it appears the incident is being viewed and dealt with as an accident.

Meghan Trainor's father has been hospitalized after being struck by a vehicle in what appears to be a hit-and-run -- but, fortunately, it looks like he'll be okay.

Sources close to the family tell TMZ ... Gary Trainor was transported to an area hospital in Los Angeles Friday night, after we're told he was hit by a car. The accident took place as Gary was crossing a busy street by foot, near the San Fernando Valley -- he was admitted to a nearby emergency room.

We're told he's currently listed as being in stable condition, so it sounds like he'll recover from his injuries. No official word on the whereabouts or description of the driver -- we've got a call into law enforcement to see if they're looking into it.


Meghan and her dad are super-tight -- he mentored her to become the star she is today, and even showed her the ropes of the music game. The guy's a known piano player himself, and reportedly contributed to one of Meghan's earlier EPs ... being featured on two tracks.

One song he apparently produced was her song "Cupid." Another song he helped out on for that same "Only 17" record was called "Tumble." He's credited with helping launch her career, and has appeared at multiple awards shows and other public events with his kid.

Just as recently as last month, Gary and Meghan were together -- on TV, no less -- when Gary made a surprise guest appearance on 'The Voice UK,' for which Meghan serves as a judge.

Gary's currently at least 70 years old, according to online records.

Originally Published -- 1:25 PM PT

Clint Eastwood Endorses Mike Bloomberg ... Trump, Stop Tweeting!!!

TMZ/Getty Composite

Clint Eastwood is doing a flip-flip of sorts ... endorsing former NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg instead of President Trump -- whom he supported in the run-up to the 2016 election.

Dirty Harry gave his thoughts on this year's candidates to the WSJ, saying on this year's competition ... "The best thing we can do is just get Mike Bloomberg in there." Clint doesn't appear to elaborate beyond that, but did have something to say about DT.

CE says he wants Trump to act "in a more genteel way, without tweeting and calling people names." He adds, "I would personally like for him to not bring himself to that level."

What's interesting, of course, is that Clint -- a well-known Libertarian -- said he'd have to choose Trump over Hillary if it came down to it, back in August 2016 ... and while it wasn't an official endorsement, it was clear where his allegiance was during that cycle.

Now, he's backing a Dem -- who used to be a Republican for a while, BTW -- although it's unclear why. Funny enough, Bloomberg has tried positioning himself as a solid establishment Democrat, who'd further Barack Obama's policies and follow in 44's footsteps.


Of course, Clint skewered Obama at the 2012 Republican National Convention when Mitt Romney was selected as the party's nominee, talking to an empty chair on stage during his speech that he likened to BO's presidency at the time ... empty (in his eyes, anyway).

Seems he's down to head in that direction these days.

Taylor Swift & Joe Alwyn No Pics of the Bday Boy Overarching Umbrella Policy???


Taylor Swift and her boyfriend, Joe Alwyn, have been seen out in public before -- but on his 29th birthday ... they seemed to go above below and beyond to hide for some reason.

Here's the deal ... paps got photos of these two goofballs Saturday walking out of London's Bob Bob Ricard restaurant, completely covered in umbrellas. They were following each other out to a waiting SUV and a flock of photogs ... and clumsily boarded the vehicle.

Fact is ... we're being told this is supposed to be Taylor and Joe -- and hey, it was the guy's 29th birthday on Friday -- but you never really see them, so it's hard to say for sure.

That said ... one of T-Swift's BFFs, Ed Sheeran, was also seen leaving the restaurant shortly afterward -- so it wouldn't be outside the realm of possibility that these two umbrella-heads were, in fact, the man and woman of the hour. Plus, frankly, this is kinda Taylor's M.O.


She famously tries to hide from lurking paparazzi, sometimes going to extreme lengths ... like when she put up an entire makeshift sheeted walkway while serving as a bridesmaid in 2017. Some of the fans that had gathered outside even booed the cloaked gesture.

Now, when it comes to Joe ... Taylor's also been pretty low-key about being spotted out with him -- although, they absolutely have been seen holding hands and packing on a little PDA.


They made a run for it once while hitting up the Jingle Ball concert in NYC, not giving paps a chance to snap some decent shots. Now, they appear to have upped the ante more so.

Listen, we know what you guys look like already. Chill, TS and JA ...

Pop Smoke Gang Members Were of Concern Days Before Murder


As cops try to figure out who targeted Pop Smoke for death ... we know the rapper shut down one of his own performances just days before his murder out of concern there were gang members in the audience.

Pop was scheduled to play the Kings Theatre in Brooklyn last Sunday night, but took to Instagram just before the show to cancel. Pop blamed it on cops, saying, "Unfortunately NYPD wouldn't let me perform."

Our law enforcement sources say it wasn't the NYPD that shut the show down ... they say the decision was made by Pop himself. The rapper was out on bail in a federal car theft case and was ordered to stay away from gang members, so cops say canceling the show was really self-preservation.

There's been a buzz in L.A. among Pop's circle that gang members might be behind his murder. The fact that Pop himself had concerns about gang members was something that has not escaped the attention of police.

TMZ broke the story -- the feds busted Pop last month for allegedly transporting a stolen Rolls-Royce -- and that's why he was on bail.

As we first reported ... Pop Smoke's death appears to be a targeted hit based on accounts by those who saw surveillance footage from outside the Hollywood Hills home where he was gunned down.

Pop Smoke's family had no clue if he had any enemies in L.A. The case remains under investigation.

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